"He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."
Thomas Carlyle

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Relevant Optimal Health Articles & Videos


COPD Related Videos


Optimal Health Related Videos

"War on Health - Gary Null's documentary exposing the FDA"


Optimal Health Related Articles

"My Family Stopped Eating Sugar for a Year and This is What Happened"

"NSAID Pain Killers Linked to Irregular Heartbeat"

"15 Healthiest Foods to Stock in Your Kitchen Year-Round"

"How the USDA Can Make or Break Public Health, and Why It Has Chosen the Latter"

"How to Eliminate Junk Food Cravings for Good "

"Large Pig Study Reveals Significant Inflammatory Response to Genetically Engineered Foods"

"Preventable Factors Cause Majority of US Deaths"


COPD Related Articles

“The Overlooked Cause of COPD”

"Are COPD and Emphysema Reversible?

“The Cause and Effect of COPD and Other Diseases”

“Could the Progression of COPD be Caused by a Pathogen in the Lungs from Smoking?”

"Verifying the Unknown Pathogen Theory of COPD Progression"

"Reversing COPD and Emphysema: The Untold Story"

"From Stage IV COPD to Complete Recovery"

"COPD and Emphysema: Conventional Treatments vs. Alternative Treatments"

"The Importance of Probiotics in COPD Recovery"

"Reverse Your Emphysema and COPD With These Alternative Treatments"

"Logical Natural Treatments for Emphysema"

"Logical Cause of COPD Progression"

"Reversing Emphysema: Eliminating the Skepticism"

"Stopping the Progession of Emphysema"

"Conventional COPD Treatments vs. Alternative COPD Treatments"

"Effective COPD Treatments"

"Reversing COPD and Emphysema"

"Research Supports Reversal of Emphysema and COPD"

"Logical COPD and Emphysema Treatments That Work"

"Logical Emphysema Treatments"

"Why Does Emphysema Get Worse So Long After Smoking Cessation?"

"The Spirometry Test – The Doctors Play the Blame Game"

Trouble Coughing Up Phlegm? NAC May Provide Relief

Why Don't Doctors Know This?

Emphysema/COPD and Conventional Medicine


Weightloss and Dieting Related Articles

The “Popular” Diets & Why They May Not Have Worked For You

Getting Off the Weight-Gain, Weight-Loss Rollercoaster

Is Losing Weight Without Dieting Believable?


More articles coming soon. Check back regularly!!


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