Lose Weight Without Dieting

You have tried all the fad diets and "food out of a box" plans and you may have lost some weight but you probably gained it all back plus a few extra pounds. Don't feel bad. You are not alone.

Most people who want to lose weight are working on the same 20 to 50 pounds over and over again. It is time to get off the "Weight-gain/Weight-loss rollercoaster!"

Besides the fact that gaining and losing weight over and over is very unhealthy, it is also extremely frustrating.

If you are tired of unbelievable diet claims showing how you can eat cake and pizza and still lose weight, or eat their food in a box and you will lose weight.

You don’t just need another typical weight loss diet to achieve weight loss. There are many weight loss diets out there already and you have probably tried a number of them. After the diet is over, you go back to your old ways and promptly gain the weight back along with a few extra pounds.

What I have provided here and in the book, "Lose Weight Without Dieting" is information the diet companies hope you never learn because they know if you do you will never buy their garbage ever again! You see, there is sound nutritional and biochemical science behind what I will show you. Once you learn it, you can accept dinner invitations, go to family reunions and eat at restaurants all without gaining a pound of unnecessary weight!

Why You Don't Lose Weight By Doing Aerobics

Did you know that aerobic exercise activates your Parasympathetic Nervous System which causes your body to go into "energy conservation mode". The end result is that you burn all the sugar in your bloodstream before you burn the first molecule of fat. Have you ever noticed that almost all of the people in the aerobics class are overweight? Aerobics are very good for your heart and your overall health, it is just a terrible way of shedding unwanted pounds!

The Best Exercise for Weight Loss

A much better choice for weight loss is lifting weights. You do not need to build big muscles just build a little bit of muscle. Muscle is very inefficient and will burn calories 24/7. You can build a small bit of muscle on your legs and arms and it will burn fat off your stomach and from around your waist. In other words, you can lose the fat by working any of your muscles. the muscle that is underneath the fat you want to lose.

Have you ever noticed that most of the people in the aerobics room at the gym are fat and most of the people lifting weights are thin and muscular? Now you know that it is not a coincidence but the result of the very nature of the exercise being utilized. There is lots more about this in the book, "Lose Weight Without Dieting."

Why the Other Diet Programs Have Failed You

Understanding the science behind healthy weight loss and empowering yourself is the most important information you need when your goal is weight loss.

The Atkins diet is a very well known weight loss diet although many say not a very healthy weight loss diet. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers are both weight loss diets and have been on the market for years yet we still have over 100 million overweight or obese people in the United States.

"Obviously, you do not need another weight loss diet making big promises and then not delivering!"

You need the facts so you understand the reasons why the other diets failed you! You also need new information explaining how you can lose weight without starving yourself, without eating food out of a box and without taking medications or sprinkling weight loss powder on your food.

"Lose Weight Without Dieting" will show you why the other diets failed you and more importantly show you detailed scientific principles that explain how you can achieve and maintain your desired weightloss for life!!

Once again you will be able to:

  • Accept dinner invitations!
  • Attend family get-togethers!
  • Eat at restaurants!
  • Lose unwanted weight without hunger or starvation!
  • Prepare your own food instead eating prepared food from a box!
  • Enjoy tasty food every day and still lose all your unwanted weight.
  • Keep the unwanted weight off indefinitely by utilizing your new found understanding of food, exercise and weight loss!

Lose Weight Without Dieting book cover

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