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Video - “Stopping the Progression of COPD”


An article in the Journal of Oncology, "Cigarette Smoke, Bacteria, Mold, Microbial Toxins, and Chronic Lung Inflammation," supports what I am saying in the book,

"How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema."

Make sure and read the section, "Tobacco and Harm Associated with Microbes."


Reverse Emphysema Self Test

The Reverse Emphysema Self Test is available at no cost.

It was developed for those wondering if they would also benefit from the information in the book, "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema."

Please provide your name and email address. The "Reverse Emphysema Self Test" will open on your desktop when you select "Submit." You will need to save the file to your computer by selecting the "Save" icon from the menu bar that appears about halfway down the page.
Reason for your interest::
- Someone in my family has COPD.
- A friend of mine has COPD.
- I am a healthcare provider doing research.
- I have COPD.
Supplemental Oxygen::
- Supplemental oxygen is being used sometimes.
- Supplemental oxygen is required 24/7.
Medication Effectiveness::
- The medications are providing temporary relief of symptoms but nothing else.
- The medications are not doing anything.
- The medications are providing lasting improvements.
Thank you for your interest in the "Reverse Emphysema Self Test."
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Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis and COPD Articles


“Eliminating the Primary Symptoms of Emphysema and COPD”

“Stopping the Progression of COPD and Emphysema”

"Emphysema Cure: A Logical Approach"

"Alternative Emphysema Treatment Begins Working"

"Curing Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema/COPD" (slideshow)

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"Emphysema Cure: A Logical Approach" (Slideshow)

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W. Greg Miller

W. Greg Miller

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September 2007
Early Stages of Recovery from Emphysema and COPD

December 2008
After Complete Recovery from Emphysema and COPD


This is my mother in September 2007 in the early stages of recovery from emphysema and copd. Notice her skin is pale and she still looks disheveled and ill with discolorations around her eyes. This is not what she looked like at her worst.
This my mother, my brother and I (that's me in the middle) at my mother's birthday in December 2008 after her complete recovery from emphysema. Notice there is no oxygen tube attached to her nose and she is happy and vibrant again. This was one of the happiest days of my life.

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Emphysema Treatments





My mother's emphysema was progressing long after smoking cessation and no one in the medical industry could explain why. I subsequently developed six protocols that reversed my mother's emphysema.

Emphysema Cure: A Logical Approach

I believe that smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs which cause emphysema, chronic bronchitis and copd.
I believe this pathogen will continue proliferating in the lungs whether the patient quits smoking or not.
I believe that as the pathogen proliferates, it occupies more and more lung volume.
I believe that the body adapts by distending the lungs creating additional surface area for gas exchange (breathing).
I believe that this adaptation eventually reaches critical mass when the lungs have distended so far that they crowd the stomach making normal-sized meals impossible.
I believe that starving and then killing the pathogen reduces the lung volume occupied by this proliferating pathogen.
I believe this results in the body reducing the distention of the lungs resulting in them no longer crowding the stomach.
I believe this is why the patient's dependency on supplemental oxygen is reduced and over time eliminated. I watched this work day by day for 17 months!




Developing a Cure for Emphysema

The usual emphysema treatment involves corticosteroids like Advair™ and prednisone, regular doses of antibiotics, to fight off secondary infections and portable oxygen to supplement the diminished lung function.

Doctors tell their patients there is no emphysema treatment that will reverse the symptoms or cure the disease but that taking the prescribed medications will slow the progress of the disease.

I asked my mother's doctor why her emphysema was getting worse so long after she quit smoking he told me that they simply did not know. It was a mystery. I realized right then that I was asking the wrong people for help. They were very nice but they had no answers.


I had taken graduate level courses in Pathology, Histology, Human Genetics, Pulmonary Physiology, Cardiac Physiology and Renal Physiology. After not getting any help from the medical industry I turned to Pathology and began researching.

It seemed obvious that something was proliferating in my mother's lungs and no one was acknowledging or addressing it. They kept blaming smoking which was not even in the picture anymore. My mother had quit smoking more than two years earlier yet her deterioration continued.

I decided I would continue researching until I either solved the mystery of emphysema, chronic bronchitis and copd or my mother took her last breath. Luckily the former and not the latter occurred.

If you have emphysema or copd and are interested in a detailed account of an emphysema treatment that does work, CLICK HERE.

If you are skeptical as to whether this emphysema treatment will work for you, please sign up for the FREE “Reverse Emphysema Self Test” at the top of the page so you can make your own assessment.

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